Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kitchen Table with French Script

Sometimes a mistake can lead to something unexpectedly wonderful.  
That's exactly what happened here. 
Wanting to re-stain the top of my kitchen table top, 
 I began to sand in order to break through the factory finish

 and smooth out any imperfections in the wood.  

I was a bit aggressive with the sander,  
and what I thought was solid pine was actually a veneer. 
Before I knew it, there was an ugly divot in the table top. 
Re-staining wasn't going to work 

On to Plan B:  painting the table top.  
(Do you see my helper ready to pounce onto the fresh paint?)

At first, I painted the table simply,
 imitating those appealing vintage enamel-topped drop leaf tables 
you'd find in a farmhouse kitchen or lakeside cottage. 

But it looked too plain,
so I decided to add some French Script,
and liked it much better. 

The template is from Cutting Edge Stencils.

And now I like it much better!


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