Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Bold Headboard - Coloring Book Style

Coloring isn't just for kids!
  Stroll through any Art & Craft store and you'll see coloring books galore.
Adults have re-discovered the joy of coloring.
It's fun, restful and creative.
When a favorite client asked me to create a
 "COLORING BOOK" wall for her daughter's bedroom, 
 I was excited to help.

But first I do a test run so I can give my client a proper estimate.
Looking around the house,
I decided my guest room headboard was a good candidate for change.
Oh, these old doors begged for fresh paint!
Whoops....Almost forgot the BEFORE photo!
First, the background.
 I slip-slapped on a few vintage colors
 and added a punch of PARAKEET GREEN for fun.
This is case where things look worse before before they get better!
...and they do get better, promise.
Next, the flowers.
Using a few coloring books from the craft store
and some books from my bookshelves for inspiration,
I picked up a brush and began to paint.
There's no need to draw anything first.
This is a free-spirited, casual design.  You can't make a mistake with it.
So resist the urge to over-think this.
Grab a brush and go for it!
I used artist-brushes and diluted black acrylic paint
to paint the line drawings of leaves and flowers.

See how the background colors mix and mingle inside the design.
Flowers and leave have a mix of colors in them,
and that makes each one unique and interesting.
This is FUN!
The test run was successful
my guest room got a mini-facelift!


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