Friday, May 19, 2017

Bedroom Furniture Re-freshed

When a client offered me this bedroom furniture, how could I resist?
The curved foot board and the caning immediately grabbed my attention.
And the raised motifs.....simply perfect!

The furniture likely dates from the 1930's.  
It's solid wood with dove-tail joints and extravagant detail.
I could picture it it in a little girl's room, painted white.

You might ask why I'd want to paint these beauties, but guess what?
Originally, the set was WHITE. 
At some point the furniture was stripped and stained,
so by painting it white, you might say I'm actually restoring it!

  I decided to keep the wooden top because it contrasts nicely with the paint.
But I wanted to re-stain it with a darker color.
To do that, the top needed to be stripped.

What's the best way to strip away decades of wax, varnish and stain
without spending hours scraping and sanding?

My (not-so) secret weapon is MINWAX FURNISHER REFINISHER.

It cuts through old varnish and stain,  to reveal fresh wood underneath.
What could have been a tedious job, was done in less than 30 minutes.

Now comes a true confession!
Have you ever had an idea, but it doesn't work out the way you imagined?
That's what happened here.

First I painted the furniture a delicious Butter-Yellow.
BUT I didn't love it. 
The color detracted from the wood's beautiful detail, and the wood looked red. 
You may agree.
However, with paint, there are no mistakes, just extra work!

So, I shifted gears and mixed a mellow off-white color using
equal parts of  Annie Sloan Pure White and Old White Chalk Paint.

After sanding to distress the new paint, some of the yellow paint peeked through.
Ahh, this was so much more appealing.

The beds painted up beautifully, too.
Both are already spoken for, but the dresser and nightstands for sale.


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