Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Chalk Paint on Fabric: a Pair of Chairs

These parlour chairs once were in my mother-in-law's living room.  When the house was sold, our daughter wanted them for her own home.  How sweet that she wanted the chairs as a remembrance of her Grandmother, but gosh, their Victorian style and velvet fabric seemed stuffy for a young person.

But daughter is like mother.  We like what we like, and happily surround ourselves with things we love, or treasure, or that make us smile.  So, it shouldn't have surprised me that she wanted her Grandmother's chairs.   We both knew a little paint and new fabric would give them a fresh new face.

Uh-Oh!  Ourr daughter accepted a new job out of state, and I had no time to re-upholster the chairs.   Instead, I turned to Chalk Paint.  Yes, you can use Chalk Paint on fabric.

Here's how it worked for me.

This photo shows how one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint changed the original chair color.

I lightly dampened the fabric and used thinned paint applied with a chip brush to get started.  Because the fabric is velvet, it absorbed the paint -- and it took a long time to dry before additional coats of paint could go on.  If we only wanted to lighten up the green fabric we could have stopped after one or two appications, but NO, we wanted a white background and the green had to disappear.

It took a LOT OF PAINT to get to this stage.   You may wonder if the paint makes the fabric is stiff, or if it cracks.  Nope!   Sanding between each coat of paint keeps things soft and pliant.  

Finally, the fun could begin.

 The yellow paint is  DECO ART- Chalky Finish.  I chose it for its compatibility with the chalk paint base, and it worked like a dream.  One coat coverage!  There were a few places where the yellow paint bled under the stencil, but a with a touch of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, the edge cleaned up beautifully.  That surprised me. 

The dots and chevron make such a fun, young statement on these vintage chairs. I'm lovin' it!

Chalk Paint requires a coating of WAX to finish and protect it.  Two light coatings on both the chair frame and the fabric finished this project nicely.  Now they are off to their new home!  On time, too!


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