Friday, May 26, 2017

Recipe Box Makeover

This recipe box lounged about for years, unpainted and forgotten.
I rediscovered it in a cabinet while cleaning the workshop.

Because painting is much more fun than cleaning, 
I put down the broom and decided to do this project IMMEDIATELY!

I painted the box with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because it dries quickly 
and requires no priming.
A scruffy brush and a dab of black paint dragged over the white paint
 gives the box some character,
while the design on the lid is a portion of a stencil.

I thought about gluing a snippet of ribon around the base of the box......

,,,,,but why do that when you can paint the design?
I traced the ribbon onto the box and painted it with a liner brush. 
Here' s tip:
Adding legs to a plain box or tray creates instant personality.
The you see on the box, and the tray behind it,  are wooden doll heads from Michaels Crafts,
attached with Gorilla Glue.
The cute knob came from Hobby Lobby.  It was left over from another project.

In less than an hour, the forgotten box was sitting in the powder room.
Who knew cleaning could be so creative!


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