Friday, June 23, 2017

A Dreamy Nursery

I love working with expectant mothers as they plan their babies' nurseries.
Each mother has a unique vision for their little one's room,  
and they find their inspiration in unexpected places. 
This nursery was inspired by a card attached to a gift received at a baby shower. 
The wall where the crib will be is painted dove grey,
while the remainder of the room is pale blue-green.

We decided to keep the design very soft and dreamy.
First, I sketched the cloud and moon on the wall.
Then, washed around it with a watery mix of color.

 See the cornice at the ceiling?
That's where drapery panels will hang.
The sheer fabric is flecked with metallic thread and will drift around the crib.
I glued Swarovski crystals across the background to give the effect of twinkling stars. 
If you're going to do this, I can recommend E-6000 glue.  
You can find it at Target, Walmart and Michael's.
Tho' they don't show well in the photo,  
the crystals catch the light from the windows and sparkle brilliantly even in daylight. 
Notice both the pink and blue teddy-bears....
will it be a boy or girl?
Our expectant mother wants to be surprised, so she's planning for both.
By the time you read this, the room has been completed and the baby has arrived.
It's a girl!

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