Friday, June 2, 2017

Another Oak Kitchen: cabinets painted black

Shawn likes everything about her home - everything thing except her kitchen!
She's planning to update by adding granite, new lighting, a tile backsplash and a new wall color. 
Custom cabinets weren't in the budget, so I was asked to paint the old ones.

Although these are builder-grade, standard cabinets,
they have two things going for them: 
they are in great condition and they have Shaker-style doors.

The cabinet bases were brushed, but I sprayed the cabinet doors in the workshop.
However, finding an efficient way to dry all of them at one time was a challenge.

The problem was solved with ladders and lengths of 1x2.
We set up several stations in the workroom, 
and found we had ample space for all the doors and drawers.
I've shared tips for painting Kitchen Cabinets before.  You're welcome to read more HERE

We decided to lightly distressing the edges of the cabinets.
Distressing gives the doors brings bit of personality,
plus it will camouflage any wear-and-tear that may occur over time.

Here's my favorite sanding tool:   DREMEL MULTI-MAX 
(I'm merely giving my opinion based my experience, and receive no incentives!)

So why do I like the MULTI MAX?
It's light-weight and the sanding pads easily attach with velcro.
No slipping or tearing.
But best of all, the triangular shape lets me control where the distressing goes
and how much to add.
See how easily you can skim the edge?
Another bonus for this project:
The family allowed me to paint the cabinets while there were out of town.
This was ideal because I didn't disrupt their daily routine,
and the paint had ample time to cure before the cabinets were used.

What a treat it was for them to arrive home to their "new" cabinets.
The entire character of the room changed!
And it will only get better from here, as more gets done.


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