Friday, June 9, 2017

Fireplace Up-date with Herringbone Tile

Several years ago we added a fireplace to our livingroom.
 At the time, I couldn't decide what to do around the firebox, 
so I plastered the area temporarily until I could figure it out.
Somehow, tiling the fireplace was low on my to-do-list 
 until one day it was time for a change.
Then I saw this herringbone tile at Home Depot and knew it was just right for the fireplace.

Here's how we made the change: 
 First, in order to hide the raw edge of the tile,
we added a metal channel at the edge of the firebox.
While I measured, Dearly Beloved set up the wet saw.
Normally cutting tile is fairly straightforward.
However, this tile, with its raised profile was a challenge. 
The small triangles wobbled during  each cut, so it took a bit of finesse to get it right.
But oh my!  Seeing the change taking place was exciting!

Little by little, the new tile went into place.
I'm lovin' it!
The tile's profile made it impossible to grout with a rubber float. 
Doing it by hand was the best approach. 
Don't you like my fancy gloves?
As far as most of my DIY home projects go, this was fairly inexpensive.
It cost slightly less than $150 and we completed it in an afternoon.
To me, the result is priceless!


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