Friday, June 16, 2017

FLEA MARKET SIGN - getting the words onto the wood

I've been asked how I made the FLEA MARKET sign in last week's post about tiling our fireplace.
I'm glad to share with you how this one was made.
Making signs is fun and easy.   Plus, they make great gifts for your shabby-chic friends!

The wood came from my favorite antique/salvage shop.
I bought it because of the shape, but you could easily make this sign with a new board
and it would be just as interesting.
The shopkeeper told me that this wood originally was part of a fireplace mantle,
but it seems more likely that it was once part of an oak dresser.
At 42" and with a routed profile, it was perfect sign-making material. 
Oh yes!  I snagged this!

Because the wood had so much character, there was no need for extensive sanding and painting.
I loosely brushed on white paint, leaving it heavier in some places and lighter in others.
Then I took a little black paint and accented the routed edge.

If your computer doesn't have the font you like, head to the internet.  and  are two of many websites
 that offer free down-loads of fonts.
You can spend hours browsing for just the right font.  
It's easy to get distracted. Believe me, I've done it!
For the FLEA MARKET I used OLD BOB font.

Here are two ways to get the words onto the wood:

1. Use an overhead projector, (like this) or project directly from your laptop if you're able. 
  • With your computer's Word program type the text. Enlarge the type size. 
  • Print the words on Transparency Film.
  • Project the image onto paper cut to size of the sign. 
  • Transfer the text onto the surface using charcoal paper.  Paint.
2.  Use
  • Use your computer's Photo editing program to create a jpg file of your text.  
  • Go to and follow instructions to up-load your file.  Blockposters will let you customize the size and layout of our design. 
  • Down-load the file to your computer. 
  • Print the sheets and tape them together.  Transfer the text onto the wood.  Paint.

To make painted letters look old,  dry brush some of the background color over them.
Check out the THE GRAPHICS FAIRY for vintage images to use in your design.
That's where I found the image of the pointing hand.
Her designs are jpeg and readily can be used by Blockposter.
So have fun with this!


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