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Oak Bedroom Furniture Painted White

I'm amazed at the way paint transforms things.   Each time I paint a piece of furniture, it thrills me to see the change.   If a single piece of painted furniture can give a room new vitality,  imagine what several pieces can do!    Last week, an oak bedroom set arrived:  a king-sized bed, two night- stands and a dresser.  These were in perfect condition -   as beautiful as when they left the showroom twenty years earlier.    But oak didn't fit into my client's decor any more.   Could these pieces be painted white? OH YES!
The dresser and nightstands turned out beautifully, too!
There was no need to change the original hardware.   Instead, I painted them to match the furniture,   first, by painting the handles black, then white, and finally distressing them with a light sanding.   At this point, they looked rather "flat" to me (see the upper handle in the photo),  but with a highlight of silver they perked up! The lovely carved detail in the furniture was highlig…

Rustic Restaurant Signs

Earlier in the month, I painted and built two signs for PATTYBURGER, a gourmet burger-shop that was coming to town.  While every project is unique, this one was especially interesting because it was so far outside the realm of what I usually do.
The first sign was a giant hamburger with lettering, painted on wood.  The "vintage barn wood" is actually new wood  purchased at Home Depot.  The wood comes in a package and it's already stained - perfect for a project like this - or maybe one that you're working on.  While the wood is rough like barn wood, it's thinner, lighter, and more manageable than the real thing.  Once the wood was installed, I painted the sign while the restaurant crew scrambled around me getting ready for the Grand Opening.
This is the second sign.  It was infinitely more challenging, but quite fun to do.  The design developed from a photo of a flag made from wood that the owner showed me.  He asked if I could build something similar but adapt …