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Oak Bedroom Furniture Painted White

I'm amazed at the way paint transforms things. 
 Each time I paint a piece of furniture, it thrills me to see the change.  
If a single piece of painted furniture can give a room new vitality,
 imagine what several pieces can do!   
Last week, an oak bedroom set arrived:
 a king-sized bed, two night- stands and a dresser. 
These were in perfect condition -  
as beautiful as when they left the showroom twenty years earlier.  
 But oak didn't fit into my client's decor any more.  
 Could these pieces be painted white?

The dresser and nightstands turned out beautifully, too!

There was no need to change the original hardware.  
Instead, I painted them to match the furniture, 
 first, by painting the handles black, then white,
and finally distressing them with a light sanding.  
At this point, they looked rather "flat" to me (see the upper handle in the photo), 
but with a highlight of silver they perked up!
The lovely carved detail in the furniture was highlighted with a grey glaze.
Can you see the difference between the left and right side of the moulding?
Refreshing her furniture is the first step of my client's master-bedroom make over.
 Next week the walls will be painted a restful blue-green color -
Rain by Sherwin Williams. (SW#6219).  
Plus the fireplace will have a big change, too.
More photos when everything is done!



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